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Top Selling CBD Recipes

CBD infused food and veggies are equally under huge demand in the UK. Explore more best-selling dishes found from around the world...

The Spicy Meatballs

Every bite into the juicy balls will fill your mouth with the flavors of cumin, paprika, garlic, and coriander.

The Olive Tapenade

The mildest, cured olives are mixed with Italian parsley leaves and sun-dried tomatoes to offer you a spicy meal.

The House Tots

Enjoy your day with a family meal by sinking your teeth into the delicious mixture of curry, cheese, and soup portions.

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How to Make Your Own CBD Gummies at Home

If CBD Gummies are your favourite way of consuming CBD then you’re not alone as they are one of the most popular CBD products on the market. In fact, in 2018 they were Google’s top searched-for food item!

Knowing how to make your own CBD gummies at home offers many benefits as you can control exactly what is going in them. Not only can you select the ingredients and flavours, but you can also make them with your ideal dosage.

Plus, making your own CBD gummies will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Enjoy your own personalised CBD gummies, free from fillers and artificial ingredients, such as preservatives, sugars, and colours by following our simple recipe below.

Making Your Own CBD Gummies at Home

One of the best things about making your own CBD gummies at home is that you can choose the quality and strength of the CBD you use.

But before you make your gummies, you need to work out how much CBD oil to use to achieve the right strength.

CBD Gummies Dosing

The first thing you’ll need to do is work out how many gummies you can make with our recipe. For us, the recipe below makes 30 gummies, but of course, your molds may be a different size than ours.

For that reason, we recommend that you do a test run with no CBD first, count how many gummies one batch will make for you, and then work out the dosage from there.

If you usually take a 20mg dose of CBD in your edibles and you can make 30 gummies, then you’ll need to add 600mg of CBD to the mixture (20x30). How many drops or ml of CBD oil you will need will depend on the potency of the oil you have.

For example, we measure out 15mls from a 30ml bottle of 1200mg CBD oil. Or we double the batch!

CBD Gummies Recipe

You can make your own CBD gummies at home with just three simple ingredients, juice, gelatin, and honey. We have also listed the ingredients to make vegan CBD gummies below (the method stays the same).

As mentioned previously, this recipe yields 30 gummies when we make them and we add 15ml of 1200mg CBD oil (from a 30ml bottle) to make 30 x 20mg CBD gummies.

CBD Gummies - Ingredients

240ml // 1 cup of 100% fruit juice

2 tbsp of gelatin

2 tbsp honey

Your desired amount of CBD oil

Vegan CBD Gummies - Ingredients

240ml // 1 cup of 100% fruit juice

2 tbsp agar powder or 3 tbsp of vegan gel

2tbsp of maple syrup or any other natural sweetener

Your desired amount of CBD oil

CBD Gummies - Method

  1. In a saucepan, bring the fruit juice to a gentle simmer over a medium-low heat
  2. Add the gelatin (or agar/vegan gel) and honey (or maple syrup) and whisk until dissolved
  3. Allow the mixture to cool for a few minutes before stirring in your CBD oil
  4. Transfer the mixture to a small jug and pour into your gummy molds
  5. Leave to set it the fridge or freezer
  6. Once firm, remove from molds and store for up to 10 days in an airtight container


  • Make your molds easier to transfer to the fridge/freezer by slipping a baking tray underneath first
  • Add one or two teaspoons of lemon juice if you want your CBD gummies to last longer than 10 days (lemon is a natural preservative and will prevent mold)
  • If your gummies aren’t firm enough for your liking, then try air drying them for 24 hrs
  • If you’re struggling to work out your dosing, add your CBD directly to each mold before pouring in the mixture
  • If the amount of CBD oil you need to add looks like it’s too much to blend into the recipe unnoticed, then you might have to invest in a more potent oil
  • You can also add a drop or two of extra flavouring and/or colour if you prefer and mix it in when you’re adding your CBD oil

How Bioavailability affects how much CBD your body absorbs

Bioavailability determines how many phytocannabinoids, such as THC and CBD enter your bloodstream when using different methods. It's not as simple as 100%, 100% out. Different methods of ingesting CBD have different bioavailability rates and this affects how much of the cannabinoid is actually absorbed and used by your body. We spoke to Cara Robinson from Vape Elevate and explored the bioavailability rates of the popular methods of enjoying CBD herb.

Sublingual Tinctures

One of the most traditional ways of using plant-based compounds is sublingual. These are carrier oils infused with all the contents of the flower's trichomes, which are the powerhouses for cannabis. The trichomes include all the plant's compounds, including THC, CBD, CBG, and a blend of terpenes, flavonoids, and other phytonutrients. Tinctures are placed under the tongue, where they absorb through the membranes directly into the bloodstream. They work in about 10 to 20 minutes and last four to six hours. This method has the highest level of bioavailability because it bypasses the liver. Experts estimate consumers get 40 to 50% of the compounds when using the sublingual form.


Edibles are infused with cannabis oil. When you eat a THC brownie or cookie, it goes through the digestion process before the enzymes break it down in the liver. This timeframe is why the onset of an edible varies between consumers. Although these have an excellent duration of four to six hours, they have a very low bioavailability of 4% to 12%.

Smoking Cannabis

Many people choose to smoke cannabis as a quick and easy way to get results. It's also one of the least expensive methods of consumption. Because it doesn't go through the bloodstream when you inhale, it has a higher bioavailability rate than edibles. The levels fall right under tinctures with an average of 30%. Smoking flowers has the fastest response, working in a minute or two. On the downside, it has the shortest duration. You'll peak within 30 to 45 minutes, and it's over in 60 to 90 minutes.

Vaping Flowers and Oils

Vaping is similar to smoking in terms of onset and duration. But it offers much more. Not only is it safer and better for your lungs, but vaping cannabis also provides the best bioavailability with 70% to 80%. Even tests showing lower rates still reported an average of 50%, putting it above nearly every other method of using the potent flowers. When you choose to vape over smoking, you preserve more of the cannabinoids and terpenes from using lower heating temperatures, and you get more. After purchasing a quality device with an adjustable temperature gauge, you'll save money using less cannabis to get the same effect as smoking.

Creams, Lotions, and Other Topicals

Topicals are a little harder to judge. They are localized and don't absorb into the bloodstream. Topicals, such as creams, lotions, and ointments, don't lead to a psychoactive response. The compounds never make it past the skin barrier. These are used therapeutically and work in less than 30 minutes. They have a duration of three to four hours. You can apply it as often as necessary. No tests are available for bioavailability, but experts estimate it's very low, less than 10%.

How to Make Edibles Using Fresh Pressed Rosin

For all the newbies here, rosin is a concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant using heat and pressure. The reason we love rosin so much is because it doesn’t contain any solvents at all. You’re probably asking yourself why just not buy it from the stores? Well, facilities are very good at making rosin and removing all of the solvents, but there is still a high chance that something that is not food grade actually touched the end product before it was separated. That is why we are creating our own Rosin. You can do it at home too. Just buy a pressing machine, you can find a lot out there, for example there are hydraulic ones, pneumatic ones or even electric ones. Try to aim for the ones that have around 300 to 800 PSI, but be careful, big PSI can lead to lower quality yield. Then you will need rosin filter bags you help with the extraction process

In today’s article we are going to talk about making edibles with freshly pressed flower rosin that you can make easily and fast at home with no problems. 

Decarbing Rosin for Edibles

First of all, you will have to Decarb the Rosin. You may think now, what the hell does “Decarbing” mean, well it actually comes from the word “Decarboxylation”. It’s a chemical reaction that occurs when cannabis is heated between 230 degrees F and 250 F. This process can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to complete.

By watching this short YouTube tutorial, you will understand better, and see how does this work:

Double Boiling

I know what you’re thinking... What is double boiling? Double Boiling is a process when you use the heat from an already boiling liquid to heat up another liquid. Just like when you’re melting chocolate. Search for a pot and fill half of it with water after that put it on the stove and make sure it’s boiling or it’s over 212 F. Next step is placing another bowl on top of that, then pour some coconut oil inside. Now you can put the rosin paper inside and you can use a spoon for example to scrape the rosin off into the coconut oil. When you have done this, add the chocolate chips into the coconut oil and stir it until it’s nice and smooth. If you would like to, add some toasted peanuts or crispies to make it even more delicious. 

Enjoying The Final Product

The last step is to pour your chocolate into a mold and let it rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour. You can get a mold on Amazon for a couple bucks. After 1 hour take it out, unmold it, and there you go! You can chop it or just bite it, however you like to. Enjoy it! Why I love this recipe is because it’s easy to make, it’s time efficient, when I’m in a hurry I can just do it in less than two hours and I have it ready to go. Not a complicated process at all.

Here are some cool facts about Rosin that you probably didn’t know:

Rosin is 100%  butane, propane and CO2 free. How does rosin contain 0% solvents? The simple fact that we use heat and pressure to remove the solvents is not enough. What we’re searching for is the accumulation of trichomes.

Trichomes are small, shiny bubbles that appear on marijuana. These microscopic bulbs contain most of the cannabis plants cannabinoids which provide most of the scents, flavours and effects.

Did you know that there are three types of rosin available?

  1. Flower Rosin
  2. Hash Rosin
  3. Live Rosin

Flower Rosin is rosin that comes out from cured cannabis nugs. Make sure to use the following settings when using Flower to make Rosin.

  • Temperature - 190-210 F
  • Pressure - 800 Material PSI
  • Time - 90-130 Seconds
  • Bag size - 90-160 Micron

A common yield for pressing flower rosin is about 15-20%

Hash rosin is separated trichomes before pressing using either dry sift or bubble hash extraction methods. Make sure to use the following settings when you’re making Rosin out of Hash.

  • Temperature - 170-180 F
  • Pressure - 500 Material PSI
  • Time - 110-150 Seconds
  • Bag size - 25-37 Micron

A common yield for pressing hash rosin is about 40-60%

Live Rosin is Rosin made with full melt bubble hash that was made with freshly frozen plant material. Our recommendation for settings are the followings: 

  • Temperature - 140-180 F
  • Pressure - 400 Material PSI
  • Time - 130-180 Seconds
  • Bag size - 15-37 Micron

A common yield for pressing live rosin is about 60-80%

Understanding the difference between BHO and Rosin

I am pretty sure that you already heard of BHO vs Rosin, but you probably don’t understand what the difference is between them. BHO comes from the word “butane hash oil”. BHO and rosin are both concentrates from cannabis. The difference is that BHO contains solvents like Butane, Propane and CO2. We focus on Rosin because it’s more natural, it contains absolutely zero solvents and the equipment is much more affordable.

Top 5 CBD Infused Edibles to Make this Spring

It is quite possible that you may have already heard about CBD. This cannabinoid is making its way onto the market by leaps and bounds and every day it has more and more consumers who rely on this substance to improve their health and general well-being. The market for CBD products is growing very fast and you can buy them in health food stores, parapharmacies or through the internet. Nowadays you can find almost any CBD product imaginable, including CBD edibles, from manufacturers trying to reach a larger audience.

The downside may be that, with the wide variety of CBD products available, you may not be quite sure what to choose, since you can find CBD for sale in the form of oils, vape liquid, extracts, edibles... it can be difficult to decide where to start, and it is likely that you will get a bit nervous since you do not know if you will get a high quality product or not. To make your decision easier, we bring you this article on CBD edibles that you can easily make at home. In this way, you can make the best decision among the most common options.

How do I make edibles with CBD?

With the same method that you would use to make any kind of cannabis edible. To make CBD-rich edibles, first you need to extract the oil from a CBD-rich strain (or you could also try using different types of CBD extracts), and dilute it in olive oil or butter. The first step is to mix the CBD-rich plant material with the oil / butter and then expose it to a low temperature for a long period of time, which will help prevent the vaporization of CBD and other cannabinoids. After separating the plant material, you can use that CBD-rich butter or oil in the next 5 recipes!

CBD Gummies

For this recipe, you will need CBD oil, 85 grams of gelatin of the flavor you prefer, 20 grams of neutral gelatin powder, 200 ml of water or fruit juice, 300 grams of sugar, oil to grease the molds and sugar.

After you put all the ingredients in a pot over low heat, stir continuously and prevent the mixture from boiling. About 10 minutes will be enough to dilute all the ingredients: you should mix until there are no lumps in the pot. Once you turn off the heat, you must add your CBD oil and mix some more. Now, you should grease the molds and pour the mixture into them. After you let it rest for about 12 hours at room temperature, you can unmold and pass the CBD gummies through sugar to give them their final coating.

CBD Lollipops

The key to successfully creating a lollipop is to make sure the temperature is correct. Heating the caramel to what is known as the "soft crack" stage (when the sugar threads break easily) will give your lollipop the firmness it needs. For best results, you will need a candy thermometer and parchment paper.

For this recipe you will need: 1 cup of sugar, ½ cup of corn syrup, ¼ cup of water and 1 teaspoon of orange or lemon flavoring.

Over medium-high heat, mix the sugar, corn syrup, and water, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved. From here you should bring the mixture to a boil.

When you get to that point, it is important not to stir, and insert the candy thermometer. When the thermometer reaches 150 ° C (300 ° F), you should immediately turn off the heat, making sure you do not remove the thermometer.

Wait until the mixture cools to 120 ° C (250 ° F), add the lemon or orange flavoring and your CBD oil. Once you have stirred a bit, pour the mixture into the candy molds and allow it to cool completely, which will take about 20 minutes.

CBD Chocolate

Making CBD chocolate is very similar to making gummies. All you have to do is melt the chocolate, add your CBD oil or butter to it, mix everything together, and then pour the melted chocolate into molds. For this recipe you should keep in mind that chocolate and water don't mix, so it's important to keep moisture out of the mixture.

CBD Cookies

For this recipe you will need 40 g of CBD butter at room temperature, 100 g of regular sugar, 100 g of brown sugar, 1 egg, 180 g of flour, 70 g of dark chocolate chips, 70 g of milk chocolate chips, ½ teaspoon of baking soda and ½ teaspoon of baking powder and ½ teaspoon of salt.

The first thing you should do is preheat the oven to 180º C (350º F), and line two baking trays with parchment paper.

In a bowl, you must mix the CBD butter with the two types of sugar, making sure that all the ingredients are well mixed. After adding the beaten egg, sifted flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder, you should mix everything together until you get a nice dough.

At this point you must add the chocolate chips to the dough, mix again and make small balls of the same size. After this, you should bake your cookies for 10 -13 minutes and once they are golden brown, take them out of the oven and let them cool.


For this simple recipe, all you need is your favorite tea, CBD oil, hot water, and milk or butter.

The first thing you should do is boil the required amount of water. Once you pour it into your favorite cup, it is important that you add a little milk or a teaspoon of butter, since CBD oil is hydrophobic, meaning it cannot be mixed with water. However, it does mix with fatty substances such as dairy or other vegan substitutes. Finally, you should add a few drops of CBD oil and mix well. Let it cool down a bit and it's ready to drink!


Which Weed Strains Are Best For Edibles?

One of the best things about growing your own cannabis is that you can do whatever you want with your buds; Most users will stick to smoking a joint but when you grow your own weed there are lots and lots of options; From kief to dabs to edibles, everything goes when you don’t have to actually pay for bud, and with the medicinal market growing exponentially, more people have started making their own edibles which is a good way of consuming cannabis because it doesn’t leave smell all over your house when you’re actually consuming it and it can provide a more medicinal effect depending on how you do it.

As you may know, you can find photoperiodic (which can take up to 14 weeks) and autoflowering strains (which take around 7-10 weeks); Now, if you’re are growing just to make your own edibles, it’s highly recommended to grow autoflowers because they remain smaller and grow faster from seed to harvest, allowing you to have you rmedicine ready as soon as possible.

Autoflowers do not depend on a light cycle so you can grow them under the same light cycle indoors or all year long outdoors without having to worry about covering your plant to maintain the darkness period. Also, you can find CBD-rich autoflowers for those who don’t like the psychoactive effects that THC provides.

So if you’re planning on making some delicious infused edibles and don’t know which strains to use, here are a couple of strains that you can easily find at any cannabis seed bank that will surely take your cookies or brownies to the next level.

CBD-Rich Strains

For those of you who don’t like the psychoactive effects of THC, there are a couple of CBD strains that will only relax your body or maybe a slight head buzz if you prefer it that way, these strains are mostly used for medicinal purposes.

CBD Auto 1:1

CBD Auto 1:1 is the perfect strain for beginners looking for the medicinal properties that both CBD and THC have to offer, this strain contains around 7% THC and 7% CBD so you will experience a strong corporal high that comes along with a subtle yet present uplifting high. Thanks to the balanced ratio, this autoflowering hybrid leaves you in a very calm and pleasant state of mind with a mild head buzz, making it highly recommended for medicinal consumers and anyone new to cannabis. Expect a nice blend of peppery and floral terpenes with hints of ripe mango that become more and more apparent as you exhale, a truly delicious flavor that will win you over!

CBD Auto 20:1

CBD Auto 20:1 is an entirely medicinal strain, with 20% CBD and less than 0.3% THC, can bring several benefits for medicinal users without that head buzz that some medicinal users do not like. This strain can be smoked to relief disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and migraine among others but can also be used to make CBD oil or edibles and, due to CBD not being psychoactive, is a great option even for those who have never consumed cannabis before. You can expect sweet fruity flavors with subtle hints of honey that goes down smooth, giving your edibles and oils a deliciously unique taste.

THC-Rich Strains

If you’re a recreational user, making edibles with THC-rich can provide a different type of effect to spice things up. These strains can indeed be used for their medicinal purposes due to THC also being used in the treatment of certain disorders but, if you have never consumed cannabis before, they’re definitely not recommended for you, so go slow!

Strawberry Banana Auto

With 27% THC, Strawberry Banana Auto is definitely a hard-hitter that will fly you through the sky for hours on end, it’s an excellent strain for those looking for powerful cerebral effects and delicious flavors. Thanks to the high THC levels, this variety provides a strong euphoric and uplifting head high that leaves you alert and, as time passes, will transform into a nice corporal buzz that leaves you couch-locked so it’s recommended for avid consumers. The strong high comes along with a mouth-watering taste of sweet strawberries with hints of bubblegum and a strong banana background, definitely an unforgettable terpene profile.

Gorilla Cookies Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a cross between two of the most best-selling strains; With 27% THC, this variety keeps what made its parents so famous but with an autoflowering twist that allows it to grow incredibly well in all climates while being super resilient. Despite being high in THC, this is a very well-balanced hybrid that will leave you giggling while it deeply relaxes your whole body, leaving your eyes and face feeling like their melting. The strong high comes with a unique blend of earthy and kushy flavors, with sweet minty hints that transform into a more citric gassy on the exhale, a delicious mix that will leave your whole mouth tasting like you just ate a delicious infused cookie.

Sativa-like Effect

For those that need that extra push to go through a busy day, these are the best Sativa-leaning hybrids. Have in mind that this doesn’t mean that they are super strong but they will definitely leave you in an uplifted mood.

Orange Sherbet Auto

Orange Sherbet Auto is a Sativa-dominant strain that boasts delicious citric terpenes and impressive 24% THC, matching its delicious taste to its effect; It’s a great strain for beginner growers looking to grow top-quality buds without much maintenance or extra care. You can expect her flavor to be somewhat similar to a fresh orange juice mixed with sweet and sour tangerine, and hints of gassy terps. A truly distinctive flavor that will leave you high as a mountain for hours and hours while it boosts creativity and leaves you in an energized mood, the perfect strain for social scenarios!

Mimosa Cake Auto

A massive yielding Sativa-dominant variety that will make you fall in love due to the extremely fruity terpenes that hide a sweet earthiness in the background. Thanks to the 24% THC, this strain provides a really joyful effect that leaves you quite relaxed but still energized to do chores or work, just have in mind that if consumed in excess you will really feel its potency so watch out if you’re not an avid consumer. Mimosa Cake Auto offers a fresh terpene profile, thanks to the strong lemon background that comes hand-in-hand with sweet and floral touches on the inhale that transforms into a tropical taste as you exhale, making it a must for flavor chasers.

Indica-like Effect

Now, if you’re looking to chill after work or on the weekends, you will probably de better off with a more Indica-like effect that allows you to unwind and melt on the couch. The following strains also contain THC but offer a stronger corporal effect than the ones mentioned above, so they’re highly recommended for when you don’t have anything to do other than chill.

Wedding Glue Auto

Wedding Glue Auto is an Indica-dominant strain that produces beautifully resinous buds without much maintenance. This strain provides a joyful head buzz that gets you focused while also deeply relaxing your whole body, alleviating muscle pain, and promoting a calm state of mind while you get your mind blown off due to the sweet terpenes that leave your mouth coated with a strong vanilla taste with fruity hints and a strong earthy background that gradually turns into a more peppery and sour taste as you exhale.

Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto is a modern Cali strain in autoflowering version; This exclusive Indica-dominant variety produces extremely resinous buds with beautiful purple and magenta hues, a truly beautiful cultivar. Thanks to the 24% THC, you’ll experience a powerful deep relaxation that will leave your whole body melting before you can take the second hit but, thanks to the Sativa heritage, will give you a slight head buzz and won’t leave you couch-locked, allowing you to stay in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind all day long. This strain also offers a unique terpene profile of freshly picked blueberries and cherries with hints of spices and sweet smoke that overwhelms your whole mouth, leaving you feeling like you’ve just eaten a blueberry muffin!

Now that you know which strains are better for edibles, make sure you read a little bit more about them, choose the best suited for you, and get ready to make your own cookies, brownies, gummies, oils, can make whatever you like to, even ice cream. Remember that you should always check with your doctor before treating any disorders with cannabis because you may have a bad time if consumed in excess, also remember that cannabis is not legal in some places so before you start growing your own cannabis plants you should know what you can and cannot do to avoid getting in trouble.

CBD Edibles - How Do They Work?

You might have noticed CBD labels on many products nowadays. CBD manufacturers keep finding new ways to market this multi-beneficial compound of the cannabis plant.

While CBD tinctures are still the most popular choice, you can find CBD edibles UK based products on the market as well. But what constitutes a CBD edible exactly? Most often, it refers to CBD gummies, but that's not where it ends.

In this article, we’ll talk about different types of CBD edibles, what they can do for your wellness, and how to regulate your intake.

Why Use CBD Edibles UK?

Before you decide if a CBD edible is the right choice, let's talk about what CBD can do for you in the first place. Research on CBD is relatively new but thankfully extensive.

First, it's crucial to understand that, while some may market CBD as a miracle medicine, that’s not strictly true.

CBD is classified as a novel food. As such, it has its place in human diet and wellness. So, what can CBD really do for you? There have been many studies proving that CBD has the potential to relieve both chronic and acute pain.

It can also help reduce inflammation in the human body, which positively affects many different health conditions. But there is one area where the benefits of CBD particularly become interesting to many.

There's evidence suggesting that CBD has a strong impact on the reduction of anxiety, depression, and anxiety-induced insomnia. This particular benefit has led to manufacturers marketing CBD for this particular purpose. This is also where CBD edibles gain the most prominence.

Types of CBD Edibles

If there’s one thing to be said about CBD edibles, it’s that they are one of the most convenient ways to consume CBD. There are countless CBD products you can eat. Here are the most common types you’ll encounter:

CBD Gummies

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular ways to eat CBD is in a gummy. They’re portable, discreet, and very tasty.

The CBD gummy market is booming, and there are many choices in dosages, packaging, flavouring, and even mixing with other ingredients that can benefit your health.

CBD Lollipops

CBD lollipops have gained massive popularity in recent years. They tend to have a long shelf life and usually don't contain high doses of CBD.

CBD Chocolate Bars

Some people want to try CBD edible UK based products, but they don't want to taste the familiar nutty and often strong taste of hemp. What about CBD infused chocolate?

It sounds almost too good not to try. There are all types of CBD chocolate products available for those who appreciate this combination.

CBD Infused Drinks

This is another incredibly versatile category of CBD products. CBD mixes well with all kinds of drinks, including coffee, tea, sparkling water, juice, and everything in between. For some, a CBD-infused tea is preferable to a CBD capsule before bed when treating insomnia.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

As CBD edibles come in pre-dosed packages, you might be wondering how much you should take. The challenge is not to take too much, but enough to receive the benefits.

If you're a novice, you should start, for example, with CBD gummies with 10mg potency. If you've tried CBD before, gummies and other edibles in ranges between 15-25mg are the standard options.

What to Consider When Buying a CBD Edible UK?

The first thing you should consider is the reputability of the manufacturer. Next, make sure that the potency of the product is neither too strong nor too weak. Then there are two other important factors to take into account.

First, consider any dietary restrictions and whether the product contains sugar, if they are vegan, gluten-free, or contain dairy, for example. The second is the flavour. Make sure you find a CBD edible that suits your tastes.

Enjoying CBD Edibles and Reaping the Health Benefits

You can take your pick of CBD edibles, but CBD gummies are still the go-to option. offers an excellent selection of beautifully packaged and ultra-portable products.

If you want to try CBD for the first time, the 10mg pack is a sound choice. Gummies are surely the easiest way to take CBD. Still, other edible options exist too, and the choice is ultimately yours.