Benefits of Autoflowering Seeds

Many people still hesitate when it comes to growing autoflowering plants. But with the help of the newest generation seeds, there is no need to restrain from growing autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering cannabis belongs from ruderalis genetics which allows them to produce plants that can grow and flower independently of light schedule or photoperiod.

In recent years, autoflowering cannabis seeds are getting a lot of attention and good reviews. On the contrary, some growers still neglect these plants while planning for their seasonal growth. In reality, the autoflowering cannabis seeds have come a long way giving the growers a great option to consider for growing in their fields.

There are several benefits the growers can earn from growing the autoflowering seeds. Few benefits are discussed below:

Benefits of auto-flowering seeds:

  • Harvest sooner

Autoflowers have a shorter span of life than any other strains. The autoflowering cannabis gets ready to harvest in 8-10 weeks after the seed is germinated. This means you don’t have to wait for so long for its harvesting.

As a grower, if you opt for an auto-flowering Sativa, it will be an asset because of its sooner harvesting. This is applicable for both indoor and outdoor growth. For the ones who grew outdoors, the shorter life cycle will be like a boon to the growers as you can grow it for several times.

  • Get more harvests per season

As the life span is short which means the soonest harvest too. This will directly result in more harvests in one season. Natural conditions allow only one harvest per season of these plants, whereas with auto flowering genetics you can get multiple harvests in one season. This normally means that you can grow normally two harvests per season in most climates.

  • Perpetual harvest
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You can not keep an auto-flowering plant at a place of a mother plant to create its clones, but still, they are best suited to give the perpetual harvest. The flowering of seeds is completely independent of the hours of light they receive, rather they do not require a mother as well as a veg or flower room. The number of plants that grow will completely depend on your growing space.   

  • Less hassle process, easier to grow

Autoflowering seeds are of robust genetics with ruderalis in them, which makes them easier to grow. As ruderalis are habitats of harsh climates, this trait is also present in auto flowering hybrids. That is why they can easily bear colder climates.

When you grow auto flowering seeds you will not find them hassled so it will be beneficial for you as a beginner grower.

  • More manageable in size

The height of auto flowering plants usually doesn’t exceed from 1-1.2m. This is an advantageous trait for both indoor and outdoor growers. The short size of these plants makes them suitable to grow in small places too. And it won’t be problematic at all for the growers to manage the plants both indoors and outdoor.

  • No need to think much about light schedule

This is the greatest advantage for the growers of auto-flowering cannabis. As they are independent of the light cycle, you are needed to switch your light schedule to 12/12 at the right time to force plants to bloom. Autoflowers will flower with even 24 constant hours of light.

  • Better resistance to weather and diseases
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These auto-flowering strains are better known for their bearing capacity in colder climates and they even have great resistance against all kinds of diseases. These plants are tough and are hardier due to their ruderalis genetics, which makes them ideal for all levels of growers. They even tolerate underfeeding and overfeeding better.