Can CBD Help You Get Better Sleep?

CBD as a way to sleep better?

The CBD market is booming, especially in Europe. Products containing cannabidiol are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD candy, CBD Recipes, or hemp tea; many manufacturers enter the market with great innovations. But what is CBD and what are its benefits?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant Sativa, hemp. In addition to the much more famous active ingredient, THC, CBD is one of the most common substances in hemp.

The medicinal hemp plant was used about 5000 years ago. The history of hemp is very long and its use is very varied. And its development has only just begun.

There is still a great deal of confusion about the benefits and dangers of CBD and the legality of these products. It is very easy to find false information on the Internet.

At first, we were also somewhat sceptical about CBD products. After several types of research, this plant intrigued us. That’s why we’re going to introduce you to the benefits of cannabidiol and how CBD may improve sleep.

The Relationship Between CBD and Sleep Deprivation

cbd for better sleep

The relationship between CBD and sleep deprivation has recently been the subject of much debate. Although it is thought that cannabis can help with sleep, it may actually worsen some types of insomnia. While there are no studies that support the claims made, many people have tried using CBD as a way to combat sleep deprivation. Fortunately, researchers have recently discovered that it may also help sleep apnea. The most common type of sleep apnea is known as obstructive sleep apnea, which occurs when the soft tissue in the throat collapses. While most sufferers use CPAP machines to keep their airways open, this solution may be something that helps in conjuction with the CPAP machine.

The researchers conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of CBD as a sleep aid. In the study, 103 patients with chronic sleep problems or anxiety were treated with CBD. Ninety-two of the participants were able to report improvement in their symptoms. As a result, more people were able to fall asleep and experience less anxiety. The results showed that the effect of CBD on anxiety and sleep was consistent over the course of the study.

One large retrospective study involving more than one hundred and twenty-four participants found that CBD reduced anxiety scores in 74.2% of participants, while 23.4% reported no change. The study results showed that anxiety and sleep quality improved over the course of the study for most patients. Overall, 79.2% of patients reported improvement in their anxiety and sleep scores after one month of treatment, while only 15.3% of patients had worsening symptoms.

What is the Best Way to Use CBD for a Good Night’s Sleep?

If you’re looking for a natural remedy to help you fall asleep, CBD may be the one option. There are several choices for CBD products that are suitable for sleep, including the following. A full-spectrum CBD oil is best, as it contains all the different components of CBD. These include terpenes, 5-HTP, GABA, and L-theanine.


In order to take CBD for sleep, you need to know its concentration. It’s important to note that CBD oils come in different concentrations, which makes it tricky to find the perfect dosage for your needs. The best way to use CBD for a good night’s sleep is to consume it in a capsule or as a topical. There are also lavender-scented CBD bath salts and gummies, which are all great for soothing pain. Another option is to take a drop or two of CBD sleep oil half an hour before going to bed.

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Taking CBD in a sublingual form is the most effective method for getting a good night’s sleep. The dosage and form should be determined by your specific needs. If you’re looking for a natural remedy for sleep, try a full-spectrum CBD oil. It will work best when taken 30 minutes before bedtime. It will be more effective if taken sublingually.

How to Vape CBD juice For Better Sleep

There are several studies that have shown the effectiveness of Vaping CBD juice in the prevention and treatment of insomnia. As a result, more people are turning to CBD to help with their sleep problems. If vaping, always opt for CBD juice and not CBD oil.

Taking CBD Edibles For Better Sleep

CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for insomnia, with a recent study finding that 10 percent of American adults take CBD edibles to get a better night’s sleep. Taking CBD edibles for better sleeping might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Using CBD Topicals For Better Sleep

Using CBD Topicals for better sleep is a new method for addressing insomnia. The oil is an excellent way to get a good night’s rest. The hemp-derived substance is safe and does not have any side effects. Before trying any new product, it is best to consult a physician. However, there are few side effects associated with hemp-derived CBD. You should only purchase a topical product that is manufactured in a CGMP-compliant facility.

Using CBD Tinctures For Better Sleep

If you’re looking for a way to get a better night’s sleep, you might consider using CBD tinctures. These liquid extracts have numerous benefits, including a decrease in anxiety and helping with sound sleep, while fighting insomnia. In fact, CBD tinctures have been found to be helpful for people who are suffering from restless nights.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is obtained from a cannabis plant. It is considered the “right active ingredient” of the plant, unlike THC. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most present and abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. This molecule is known to be psychoactive and to make you hover.

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and does not cause an intoxicating effect.

“Scientific studies from WHO, the World Health Organization, show that CBD does not make you dependent. In addition, current research shows that the therapeutic effects of CBD may also be appropriate to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and various diseases.”

CBD has a calming, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory effect. It can be consumed by humans and animals. CBD oils are used, for example, for medicinal purposes or as dietary supplements. But there are also cosmetic products containing CBD such as CBD creams or hemp lip balms.

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What is the action of CBD in the body?

CBD-based (and also THC-based) drugs have always been popular with physicians because of their therapeutic effects. However, the effects of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC are different and should not be confused.

CBD is not an intoxicant and therefore has no psychoactive effect. Consuming CBD will not make you dependent. But it would be wrong to say that it is a non-psychoactive ingredient 100%.

Cannabidiol is also used to prevent panic attacks and stress attacks, or usually to relax the body and calm down.

Did you know that?

Our body produces its own cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system. This system is a determining factor in the processes in which mood, pain sensation, appetite and other cognitive functions are influenced.

CBD binds to receptors in this system and can prevent the release, for example, of adrenaline or stress hormones. Cannabidiol reduces stress.

Cannabidiol is therefore not as psychoactive as THC, but it can still influence the psyche in some way. But probably in a positive sense.

What is CBD for?

CBD-based products are used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, it can be used to reduce inflammatory problems, but it also has a relaxing effect, which can help calm down.

It is also interesting to note that CBD can help in many larger diseases and should also have analgesic effects.

The list goes on:

  • Reducing anxiety and panic attacks
  • Fighting insomnia
  • Helping against skin problems (acne)
  • Reducing the side effects of epilepsy and depression
  • Stop nausea
  • Serve as a nutritional substitute (CBD capsules, CBD oils, etc.)
  • And much more.

It is also interesting to note that CBD has a calming and relaxing effect on the body. For example, a person who is afraid of flying could consume CBD oil to reduce stress before take-off. CBD helps relieve stress and reduce fear without losing control of your senses. Find out all about CBD here.

Does CBD make you dependent?

The CBD itself is not – as you already know – intoxicating and does not make you dependent. This is also one of the reasons why processed CBD products with a THC content of 0.2% or less can be purchased legally in Europe.

But what about when CBD and THC are combined? Make sure that THC is also used in patients with chronic pain in some countries. However, of course, you need a prescription and a prescription from your doctor.

CBD products available for sale in Europe may not have a THC content of more than 0.2%. If this limit is exceeded, the products are considered medicines and can only be purchased by prescription. Otherwise, you’d have problems with the Narcotics Act.

In general, most CBD oils are obtained from commercial hemp. This type of hemp plant naturally has a very low THC content.

CBD to reduce sleep disorders

Sleeping well is a key part of our well-being. According to various studies, CBD also improves sleep in people with chronic pain.

Did you know? Europeans and Sleep: 16% of European people report suffering from insomnia.

Our sleep can be influenced by pain, fear, or stress. To help you sleep better, cannabidiol influences the sleep cycle and thus supports our deep sleep phase.

Studies show that CBD promotes healthy and restful sleep through its effects on the endocannabinoid system and the nervous system. In addition, it prevents high blood pressure and has a muscle-relaxing effect.

The different products at CBD

The CBD market is growing rapidly. As a result, many suppliers are entering the market with more and more products. The best known and most efficient products are CBD oils (also known as hemp oils), CBD creams and hemp teas.

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But there are also CBD capsules, gels and dietary supplements, cosmetics (lip balms, body and face cream…) or food products (candy, chocolate…). There are even CBD products for animals. And that’s just the beginning. Innovations have only just begun.

Where can I buy products with CBD?

It is possible to buy products at CBD on different e-commerce platforms, on the manufacturers’ website as well as in specialized physical stores.

It is also possible to buy hemp seed oil-based cosmetics on Amazon.

Are there CBD flowers?

In addition to processed products, various entrepreneurs have also repeatedly tried to market CBD flowers. However, they have always failed because of the legal hurdle.

Although CBD flowers can only have a THC content of 0.2%, this limit would only apply to already processed products, such as creams.

Indeed, the problem is that a CBD flower, it could be boiled in alcohol to increase its THC content. The CBD flower would therefore be an intoxicating substance. This is why the cannabidiol flower is not yet legal. In addition, be aware that cannabis is prohibited under the drug law in Europe.

Only varieties of hemp certified by the European Union are exempt from this ban. The sale of these hemp plants must be exclusively for commercial or scientific purposes.

But then… Are CBD products legal? Can I buy them without having legal problems? Answering these questions is unfortunately not easy.

Warning: the following text was not written by a specialist lawyer. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information below.
In the case of CBD products, a distinction is made between medicines and dietary supplements or cosmetics. If the products are considered dietary supplements, they are no longer classified as medicines in accordance with the European drug law and can be freely sold.

However, it is noted that the THC share of the product concerned should not be greater than 0.2%. It is also important that CBD products have no pharmacological effect.

In any case, CBD in Europe must be obtained from hemp already low in THC. Pure hemp (i.e. unprocessed) can only be resold for commercial or scientific purposes.

Products such as CBD oils should also not be fortified with CBD. The CBD content should not exceed that of the original plant. This is the case for full-spectrum extracts, but probably not isolated CBD.

However, if CBD products are processed and are considered dietary supplements (such as most oils or cannabidiol capsules) or cosmetic products containing less than 0.2% THC, these are legally flawless.

As you can see, the LEGAL situation of the CBD is complicated. It depends on the respective product. It should be remembered that:

  • THC content should not exceed 0.2%
  • Minors are prohibited
  • The law depends on the products (food supplements, cosmetics…)
  • CBD must be obtained from certified hemp plants

Tips for sleeping better

You now know more about CBD and its benefits in reducing sleep disorders. Many studies show that it is also important to have good bedding to improve your sleep quality.

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