Cooking With CBD: What To Look For, What To Avoid

If you’re like most people, you plan to eat good food and stay healthy. And if you’re like most people, you don’t always get the chance to do so. Food plays an integral role in everyone’s life.

For many people, CBD oil has brought new life and excitement to the kitchen with the possibilities of different health benefits.

Despite being an effective treatment for several conditions like chronic pain and anxiety, CBD oil has gained popularity among foodies and households as a cooking ingredient. But not many know how to make the best use of it.

Therefore, this post covers some of the vital things you need to learn about CBD to make the best-tasting dishes.

3 Top Things To Look For

High-Quality CBD Oil


If you’re looking for a great cooking and eating experience, you can’t compromise on quality. You’ll need to get the best quality CBD oil from trusted suppliers of the purest CBD oil, such as Eagle Moon. Sure, you can buy from your local dispensary too.

But if you’ve ever cooked with olive oil, you can understand why high-quality CBD oil is the first and foremost thing you’ll look for. Simply put, you won’t get the same flavor and health benefits from low-grade vendors. Worst case, your CBD oil might contain toxins and even THC, which can make you high.

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CBD-Compatible Recipes

All cooking recipes are not the same when you consider adding CBD oil into the mix. This is because CBD oil has distinct chemical properties that differentiate it from other cooking oils. For starters, the taste is quite different from vegetable and olive oils. CBD oil is naturally earthy and a little pungent.

Therefore, most recipes are for sweets and baked dishes. However, other recipes include savory dishes that you cook by infusing CBD oil into other oil-based ingredients such as butter or lard. Just remember to choose the right recipes before you start cooking.

Unique Properties of CBD Oil

Like we mentioned earlier, CBD oil is unique in several ways. For this reason, you have to exercise caution when placing it over direct heat. The oil can lose its terpenes due to excessive heat. Terpenes are heat-sensitive compounds in the oil that add to its medical potency. Once the oil overheats, it won’t only lose these terpenes, even the taste changes.

Thus, you’ll have to continuously stir it to ensure even distribution throughout the food and prevent overheating. However, the taste of CBD oil is generally a bit bitter. Some people find it quite enjoyable. Whereas others say it’s overpowering. Hence, you’ll need to be ready for some experimentation before you can get the right taste.

3 Top Mistakes To Avoid

Incorrect Ratios

If you’re going to infuse CBD into regular oil or any of the ingredients like butter, you need to use the correct CBD to oil ratio. The first mistake many rookies make is adding too much or too little CBD. Generally, the accepted ratio of CBD to butter or oil is 1:1. In most cases, this means that for every single cup of butter, you’ll have to infuse about 7-10 grams of CBD-rich hemp or cannabis material.

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Due to the high-affinity lipids have for cannabinoids, you might get your oil or CBD butter overpowering if you use a ratio that’s not even. Mind you; too little CBD, and you won’t feel any effects in your meal. Choosing the right brand becomes crucial here. Going for CBDFx is a safe option – they also produce the best CBD pills in Europe.

Cooking in a Rush


Surely there will be times that you just need to fix a quick meal. In such times, the worst thing you can do is rush the infusion process or improperly cook with CBD oil. Aside from the dangers of uncooked food like food poisoning and diarrhea, there are other risks too. For one, you might end up not distributing your CBD evenly throughout the food.

Imagine eating your infused food only to realize that some portions are richer in CBD than others. Therefore, you want to take your time and thoroughly stir while cooking, whether you’re using CBD oil or infusions.

Using Low-Quality CBD Oil


This mistake is common among beginners and experienced CBD oil users. There are so many CBD products on the market nowadays. Given the vast options, you have to choose from, it’s no surprise some buy fake or low-quality CBD oil that’s compromised.

Talking of compromised CBD oil, this might not have any CBD or in small quantities. As earlier mentioned, you’re always better off sticking with suppliers that are well-known and trusted. Next, you need to do your homework by checking out other customers’ reviews before settling on any CBD oil product. Remember, you’ll be eating these products, so you can’t take any chances.

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As a bonus tip, to get the best tasting CBD-infused meals, you want to use CBD concentrate instead of raw hemp plants. Might sound counter-intuitive; however, using the hemp plant increases your chances of making some of the mistakes listed above. Finally, don’t forget your safety tips while cooking and bonne appetite!