How Long Do Transdermal CBD Patches Last?

If you want to find out how long transdermal CBD patches last, you need to know how they work.

A patch contains cannabinoids that enter the body through the skin. Generally, consumers choose an area that is covered by clothing, but that is also easy to remove. Most of these products have five layers, including an adhesive layer, release liner, and rate-controlling membrane.

The most effective transdermal CBD patches contain 60 milligrams of CBD per patch. The best ones are made from organic hemp that is grown with sustainable practices.

Some of these CBD patches are even infused with arnica, lemongrass, rosemary, and organic olive oil. The hydrogel helps the CBD penetrate the skin and allows for repositioning the patch. Most of these products are made from broad-spectrum hemp extract, vegan glycerol, and polyacrylate.

The only drawback to these products is the slow delivery rate. Most of these products take up to eight hours to reach the bloodstream. But some have a longer duration of effect than others.

Those that contain 60 mg of CBD are known as “reservoir” patches, which last up to 24 hours. The latter is also known as “matrix” patches, but it is unclear whether reservoir or matrix CBD patches are more effective in addressing pain.

How Do CBD Patches Work?

CBD patches are a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. These patches take only a few seconds to apply and last for hours. They can power you from morning to night, and they can be worn every day like any other supplement.

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They are especially helpful when you feel run down or drained. Unlike other forms of CBD, which are usually spread across a large surface area, CBD patches are applied to specific areas on the body.

A patch is an adhesive-based product that clings to the skin, allowing quick and convenient application. Hemp patches are small and discreet, measuring only 2 x 2 inches.

While the CBD in the patch may not be immediate, it should take at least half an hour for it to take effect. Because they are applied on a large surface area, they provide a longer-lasting effect than many other CBD products.