How to Make Edibles Using Fresh Pressed Rosin

For all the newbies here, rosin is a concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant using heat and pressure. The reason we love rosin so much is because it doesn’t contain any solvents at all. You’re probably asking yourself why just not buy it from the stores? Well, facilities are very good at making rosin and removing all of the solvents, but there is still a high chance that something that is not food grade actually touched the end product before it was separated. That is why we are creating our own Rosin. You can do it at home too. Just buy a pressing machine, you can find a lot out there, for example there are hydraulic ones, pneumatic ones or even electric ones. Try to aim for the ones that have around 300 to 800 PSI, but be careful, big PSI can lead to lower quality yield. Then you will need rosin filter bags you help with the extraction process

In today’s article we are going to talk about making edibles with freshly pressed flower rosin that you can make easily and fast at home with no problems. 

Decarbing Rosin for Edibles

First of all, you will have to Decarb the Rosin. You may think now, what the hell does “Decarbing” mean, well it actually comes from the word “Decarboxylation”. It’s a chemical reaction that occurs when cannabis is heated between 230 degrees F and 250 F. This process can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to complete.

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By watching this short YouTube tutorial, you will understand better, and see how does this work:

Double Boiling

I know what you’re thinking… What is double boiling? Double Boiling is a process when you use the heat from an already boiling liquid to heat up another liquid. Just like when you’re melting chocolate. Search for a pot and fill half of it with water after that put it on the stove and make sure it’s boiling or it’s over 212 F. Next step is placing another bowl on top of that, then pour some coconut oil inside. Now you can put the rosin paper inside and you can use a spoon for example to scrape the rosin off into the coconut oil. When you have done this, add the chocolate chips into the coconut oil and stir it until it’s nice and smooth. If you would like to, add some toasted peanuts or crispies to make it even more delicious. 

Enjoying The Final Product

The last step is to pour your chocolate into a mold and let it rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour. You can get a mold on Amazon for a couple bucks. After 1 hour take it out, unmold it, and there you go! You can chop it or just bite it, however you like to. Enjoy it! Why I love this recipe is because it’s easy to make, it’s time efficient, when I’m in a hurry I can just do it in less than two hours and I have it ready to go. Not a complicated process at all.

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Here are some cool facts about Rosin that you probably didn’t know:

Rosin is 100%  butane, propane and CO2 free. How does rosin contain 0% solvents? The simple fact that we use heat and pressure to remove the solvents is not enough. What we’re searching for is the accumulation of trichomes.

Trichomes are small, shiny bubbles that appear on marijuana. These microscopic bulbs contain most of the cannabis plants cannabinoids which provide most of the scents, flavours and effects.

Did you know that there are three types of rosin available?

  1. Flower Rosin
  2. Hash Rosin
  3. Live Rosin

Flower Rosin is rosin that comes out from cured cannabis nugs. Make sure to use the following settings when using Flower to make Rosin.

  • Temperature – 190-210 F
  • Pressure – 800 Material PSI
  • Time – 90-130 Seconds
  • Bag size – 90-160 Micron

A common yield for pressing flower rosin is about 15-20%

Hash rosin is separated trichomes before pressing using either dry sift or bubble hash extraction methods. Make sure to use the following settings when you’re making Rosin out of Hash.

  • Temperature – 170-180 F
  • Pressure – 500 Material PSI
  • Time – 110-150 Seconds
  • Bag size – 25-37 Micron

A common yield for pressing hash rosin is about 40-60%

Live Rosin is Rosin made with full melt bubble hash that was made with freshly frozen plant material. Our recommendation for settings are the followings: 

  • Temperature – 140-180 F
  • Pressure – 400 Material PSI
  • Time – 130-180 Seconds
  • Bag size – 15-37 Micron

A common yield for pressing live rosin is about 60-80%

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Understanding the difference between BHO and Rosin

I am pretty sure that you already heard of BHO vs Rosin, but you probably don’t understand what the difference is between them. BHO comes from the word “butane hash oil”. BHO and rosin are both concentrates from cannabis. The difference is that BHO contains solvents like Butane, Propane and CO2. We focus on Rosin because it’s more natural, it contains absolutely zero solvents and the equipment is much more affordable.