How to Store CBD Oil

You can store your CBD oil in the refrigerator or pantry. Just make sure that the area is cool and free from moisture and heat. The shelf life of different products varies, but CBD oil typically has a shelf life of 12 to 24 months. You can also store your product in the refrigerator by avoiding excessive heat or sunlight. If your product is cloudy, this shouldn’t affect its quality or longevity. But if the product is too cloudy, you should avoid it.

Its temperature is around 20 degrees. In addition, storing it in a cool room keeps the active ingredients fresh for longer periods of time. You should close the lid after you have used it so that there is no air entering the container.

The fridge temperature should be at a constant 10 to 21 degrees. Try to avoid opening the refrigerator door on a regular basis, as this can cause large changes in temperature that can damage the product. Properly stored CBD oil will retain its potency for a longer time.

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