Is CBD Oil Bad For Your Liver?

There have been a number of studies that indicate that CBD may be detrimental to the health of the liver. A study that involved mice found that it affected the liver in both healthy and diseased mice. The high doses of CBD caused liver damage, but in normal mice, the effect of CBD was minimal. When given to mice that had been given the same amount of CBD as the control group, CBD did not adversely affect their liver.

Hepatosteatosis is a condition that affects the liver. This disease is caused by chronic alcoholism and can result in cirrhosis. While it may be reversible with lifestyle changes, it can lead to chronic hepatitis. This condition is also known as alcoholic liver disease and is often irreversible if not treated. Despite these risks, CBD can protect the liver from the toxic effects of ethanol.

Hepatitis C, a type of hepatitis, is a disease that can be life-threatening. Left untreated, this disorder can progress to cirrhosis. Fortunately, it is reversible with the right lifestyle changes. The symptoms of hepatitis are similar to those of alcoholic hepatitis and can be treated with the use of CBD.

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