Legal cannabis: WHO and recommendations on CBD positive effects

Cannabis Sativa is legal — finally, CBD cannabis or legal marijuana if you prefer — thanks to the regulatory clarifications expressed by the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation (see sentence no. 4920/2019) concerning low THC contents.

Inflorescence also reminds you that it is unequivocally beneficial, as the WHO (World Health Organization) clarified at the end of January 2019, especially if we are talking about pure cannabidiol extracts, as in the case of cannabis CBD oil.

You can now legally buy and find the best CBD oil all around Europe and the UK with the best CBD suppliers online.

Legal cannabis in Europe

Let’s talk about Italy, leading the CBD business for a few years now … The legality of the sale of Cannabis Sativa has been definitively sanctioned, as expressed by law 242/2016. Its beneficial properties are also recognized without fear of contraindications for health, thanks to CBD effects, by the WHO.

We can now talk to all intents and purposes of Legal Cannabis, legal marijuana if you prefer, having been clarified what was legislated a little over a year ago. Hemp Sativa with THC <0.5 is legal, as well as Medical Cannabis.

Furthermore, thanks to the WHO that removes CBD from the list of narcotic substances, legal hemp Sativa becomes a natural remedy to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress. An effective treatment recognized by the world’s leading health authority.

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Cannabis Sativa, Legal Cannabis: it is one of the natural remedies and is it legal? Why?

At the end of January 2019, the World Health Organization recommended eliminating CBD (Cannabidiol) from the list of substances dangerous to health. It is in the light of the evidence that emerged from the studies carried out in recent years.

For further information: CBD is confirmed as free of contraindications and one of the most effective natural remedies against anxiety, stress, pain, depressive states. However, all indications already known for THC remain.

The Ministry of Health has finally clarified the maximum THC levels in food must be with an official decree to which we refer you for further information.

Here we would like to emphasize that food supplements must not exceed 2 mg/kg of THC, while talking about 5 mg/kg for oils.

So, pay attention to the oils extracted directly from the hemp flower, that is, all those with a declared terpene effect.

The complete extraction of the cannabinoids present in the phytocomplex cannot guarantee, with subsequent treatments, the minimum levels of THC provided for by the decree of the Ministry of Health.

On November 29, 2018, the Supreme Court of Cassation ruled the complete legitimacy of the production and marketing of Cannabis Sativa and the products derived from it, net of the presence of THC within the legal limits (<0.6%).

For further information:

REG. n. 178/2008, law # 242/2016, in addition to the clarifications on this ruling, a well-known expert on the subject. According to this ruling, the limit of technical use for legal hemp is also exceeded.

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Legal hemp and CBD Inflorescences as natural remedies for the well-being

We are happy with this news, even if it did not surprise us that much. Because CBD inflorescence has always complied with a rigorous discipline regarding legal cannabis and is in line with these indications.

In particular, the products that Inflorescence offers are all certified. Not only for origin (Italian) but also for cultivated phenotypes (EU certified varieties. Ed). They come from BIO cultivations in the open field and have THC content within the legal limits.

Thanks to the careful selection of those with a palpable presence of CBD, Inflorescences products are natural legal remedies, effective and free of contraindications. Therefore, we only deal with legal hemp and derivative products that meet these criteria.

Cannabis oil for sale: benefits of CBD oil

Let’s get out of the ambiguity by clarifying that all oils derived from hemp can be called cannabis oil.

Let’s see how to meet the demand for cannabis oil for sale.

The most acclaimed cannabis oil is the galenic one, dispensed in pharmacies and obtained by cold pressing the flower with a concentration of THC and CBD that is rigorous and respectful of the medical prescription. In addition to the cost of the cannabis inflorescence, you will also pay for the galenic preparation and laboratory examination. To titrate the cannabinoids required by the medical prescription in your hands.

It is not what we want to talk about, but cannabis oil is intended as hemp oil, obtained by cold pressing the seeds, with the addition of CBD crystals.

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CBD oils specific for anxiety, insomnia, and pain

We remind you that the different percentages of CBD are functional to other well-being disorders.

Inflorescence offers a cannabis oil (CBD oil) in line with the new recommendations expressed by the competent authorities, referred to in the previous paragraph, and the only one that can be attainable by those who need it without any medical prescription.

Anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain are no longer a problem for your physical and mental well-being.

Furthermore, JustBob CBD cannabis oil is obtained from CBD dissolved in hemp Sativa seed oil from plant extraction. So, in this case, in addition to the beneficial properties of CBD Oil, we will be able to fury the beneficial properties of hemp seeds.