Which Weed Strains Are Best For Edibles?

One of the best things about growing your own cannabis is that you can do whatever you want with your buds; Most users will stick to smoking a joint but when you grow your own weed there are lots and lots of options; From kief to dabs to edibles, everything goes when you don’t have to actually pay for bud, and with the medicinal market growing exponentially, more people have started making their own edibles which is a good way of consuming cannabis because it doesn’t leave smell all over your house when you’re actually consuming it and it can provide a more medicinal effect depending on how you do it.

As you may know, you can find photoperiodic (which can take up to 14 weeks) and autoflowering strains (which take around 7-10 weeks); Now, if you’re are growing just to make your own edibles, it’s highly recommended to grow autoflowers because they remain smaller and grow faster from seed to harvest, allowing you to have you rmedicine ready as soon as possible.

Autoflowers do not depend on a light cycle so you can grow them under the same light cycle indoors or all year long outdoors without having to worry about covering your plant to maintain the darkness period. Also, you can find CBD-rich autoflowers for those who don’t like the psychoactive effects that THC provides.

So if you’re planning on making some delicious infused edibles and don’t know which strains to use, here are a couple of strains that you can easily find at any cannabis seed bank that will surely take your cookies or brownies to the next level.

CBD-Rich Strains

For those of you who don’t like the psychoactive effects of THC, there are a couple of CBD strains that will only relax your body or maybe a slight head buzz if you prefer it that way, these strains are mostly used for medicinal purposes.

CBD Auto 1:1

CBD Auto 1:1 is the perfect strain for beginners looking for the medicinal properties that both CBD and THC have to offer, this strain contains around 7% THC and 7% CBD so you will experience a strong corporal high that comes along with a subtle yet present uplifting high. Thanks to the balanced ratio, this autoflowering hybrid leaves you in a very calm and pleasant state of mind with a mild head buzz, making it highly recommended for medicinal consumers and anyone new to cannabis. Expect a nice blend of peppery and floral terpenes with hints of ripe mango that become more and more apparent as you exhale, a truly delicious flavor that will win you over!

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CBD Auto 20:1

CBD Auto 20:1 is an entirely medicinal strain, with 20% CBD and less than 0.3% THC, can bring several benefits for medicinal users without that head buzz that some medicinal users do not like. This strain can be smoked to relief disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and migraine among others but can also be used to make CBD oil or edibles and, due to CBD not being psychoactive, is a great option even for those who have never consumed cannabis before. You can expect sweet fruity flavors with subtle hints of honey that goes down smooth, giving your edibles and oils a deliciously unique taste.

THC-Rich Strains

If you’re a recreational user, making edibles with THC-rich can provide a different type of effect to spice things up. These strains can indeed be used for their medicinal purposes due to THC also being used in the treatment of certain disorders but, if you have never consumed cannabis before, they’re definitely not recommended for you, so go slow!

Strawberry Banana Auto

With 27% THC, Strawberry Banana Auto is definitely a hard-hitter that will fly you through the sky for hours on end, it’s an excellent strain for those looking for powerful cerebral effects and delicious flavors. Thanks to the high THC levels, this variety provides a strong euphoric and uplifting head high that leaves you alert and, as time passes, will transform into a nice corporal buzz that leaves you couch-locked so it’s recommended for avid consumers. The strong high comes along with a mouth-watering taste of sweet strawberries with hints of bubblegum and a strong banana background, definitely an unforgettable terpene profile.

Gorilla Cookies Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a cross between two of the most best-selling strains; With 27% THC, this variety keeps what made its parents so famous but with an autoflowering twist that allows it to grow incredibly well in all climates while being super resilient. Despite being high in THC, this is a very well-balanced hybrid that will leave you giggling while it deeply relaxes your whole body, leaving your eyes and face feeling like their melting. The strong high comes with a unique blend of earthy and kushy flavors, with sweet minty hints that transform into a more citric gassy on the exhale, a delicious mix that will leave your whole mouth tasting like you just ate a delicious infused cookie.

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Sativa-like Effect

For those that need that extra push to go through a busy day, these are the best Sativa-leaning hybrids. Have in mind that this doesn’t mean that they are super strong but they will definitely leave you in an uplifted mood.

Orange Sherbet Auto

Orange Sherbet Auto is a Sativa-dominant strain that boasts delicious citric terpenes and impressive 24% THC, matching its delicious taste to its effect; It’s a great strain for beginner growers looking to grow top-quality buds without much maintenance or extra care. You can expect her flavor to be somewhat similar to a fresh orange juice mixed with sweet and sour tangerine, and hints of gassy terps. A truly distinctive flavor that will leave you high as a mountain for hours and hours while it boosts creativity and leaves you in an energized mood, the perfect strain for social scenarios!

Mimosa Cake Auto

A massive yielding Sativa-dominant variety that will make you fall in love due to the extremely fruity terpenes that hide a sweet earthiness in the background. Thanks to the 24% THC, this strain provides a really joyful effect that leaves you quite relaxed but still energized to do chores or work, just have in mind that if consumed in excess you will really feel its potency so watch out if you’re not an avid consumer. Mimosa Cake Auto offers a fresh terpene profile, thanks to the strong lemon background that comes hand-in-hand with sweet and floral touches on the inhale that transforms into a tropical taste as you exhale, making it a must for flavor chasers.

Indica-like Effect

Now, if you’re looking to chill after work or on the weekends, you will probably de better off with a more Indica-like effect that allows you to unwind and melt on the couch. The following strains also contain THC but offer a stronger corporal effect than the ones mentioned above, so they’re highly recommended for when you don’t have anything to do other than chill.

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Wedding Glue Auto

Wedding Glue Auto is an Indica-dominant strain that produces beautifully resinous buds without much maintenance. This strain provides a joyful head buzz that gets you focused while also deeply relaxing your whole body, alleviating muscle pain, and promoting a calm state of mind while you get your mind blown off due to the sweet terpenes that leave your mouth coated with a strong vanilla taste with fruity hints and a strong earthy background that gradually turns into a more peppery and sour taste as you exhale.

Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto is a modern Cali strain in autoflowering version; This exclusive Indica-dominant variety produces extremely resinous buds with beautiful purple and magenta hues, a truly beautiful cultivar. Thanks to the 24% THC, you’ll experience a powerful deep relaxation that will leave your whole body melting before you can take the second hit but, thanks to the Sativa heritage, will give you a slight head buzz and won’t leave you couch-locked, allowing you to stay in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind all day long. This strain also offers a unique terpene profile of freshly picked blueberries and cherries with hints of spices and sweet smoke that overwhelms your whole mouth, leaving you feeling like you’ve just eaten a blueberry muffin!

Now that you know which strains are better for edibles, make sure you read a little bit more about them, choose the best suited for you, and get ready to make your own cookies, brownies, gummies, oils, etc…you can make whatever you like to, even ice cream. Remember that you should always check with your doctor before treating any disorders with cannabis because you may have a bad time if consumed in excess, also remember that cannabis is not legal in some places so before you start growing your own cannabis plants you should know what you can and cannot do to avoid getting in trouble.