Why buy feminized seeds?

Cannabis cultivation has become immensely popular in current years. Surprisingly, cannabis plants have two genders.

Growers can grow female and male crops from the marijuana seeds. Female plants get generated when cultivated by feminized seeds male weed crops often pollinate the females, impregnating them, which results in buds full of seeds.

Several marijuana growers emphasize creating feminized seeds to eliminate the chromosomes generated from the male plants. Generally, female plants produce weed buds that are rich in cannabinoids. These buds which we harvest and consume are to enjoy the recreational and wellbeing effects. 

There is a severe difference between the regular and feminized seeds. Regular cannabis seeds are generally cheaper to buy and also they have fifty-fifty chances of producing both male and female plants.

On the contrary, buying feminized cannabis seeds gives assurance of a ninety-nine percent prospect of lady weed crops. Though it also has a higher purchase price as it gives a guaranteed result. 

There are several crucial reasons behind growing the feminized seeds instead of regular ones few of the reasons are discussed below:

Maximum efficiency with growing space. 

Feminized seeds have the crucial advantages of growing. One of the best things about feminized seeds is that they are now revolutionized indoor growing. The fact of growing feminized seeds is that the growing space could be used to 100% efficiency of space.

In the case of regular seeds, they require a sexing period where the cultivator has to decide whether they want to use the male or female plants. In general terms, growers often prefer feminized seeds over other regular ones. Feminized plants have the feature that they can grow uniformly, ensuring a proper growing system that can be utilized with an optimal plant count and spacing. 

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Easier plant training early on.

In the case of regular seeds, growers could often be reluctant to train plants up as they normally would. When you opt for feminized seeds it can be possibly applied to all other types of plants that are trained to enhance the overall canopy and total harvest.

Moreover, there is no fear of wastage of time, nutrients, and labor when feminized seeds are used. This means that there will be no point once the flowering begins with time. Male plants need to be removed from space to eliminate the possibilities of sexing. Excellent results can be earned by using a sea green formation with feminized seeds. 

No need to sex plants.

The growers who have just begun growing cannabis can often be filled with panic and anxiety, especially when the idea of a male plant is in the growing room.

It is seen that the thought of pollinated crops is sufficient in stopping the dream of the growers on this track. Sexing plants is simple enough, as the feminized seeds can eliminate the concern and allow the grower to stay relaxed and be away from their growing area with little maintenance, without any threat from an unseen male. 

The world of choice.

With passing time the marketplace of feminized cannabis has risen and this leads to an unbelievable choice of feminized seeds to choose from.

In recent days it is possible to have feminized seeds sent to your house, with a great choice of autoflowering, CBD dominant, or standard photoperiod varieties. Even the regular seeds are also getting popular among the growers, especially those who are heavy into phenomena hunting and breeding. Though it is seen that nine out of ten growers prefer feminized seeds over regular seeds. 

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Clones may not be reliable.

One of the ways that are looked at the benefit of feminized seeds is how they can fill the space of clones. It may be possible that clones have become contaminated or infested with spider mites.

Though, it is not at all logistically ready to source the reliable clones where you survive, as opposed to having seeds discreetly arrive in the mail. If you are seriously looking for reliable ones then it is better to rely only on the feminized seeds as they assure you with the guarantee of 99% of female plants. Also, they are simple to handle and are straightforward to work with.